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Phone Number Without a SIM Card

Virtual phone numbers offer flexibility for both personal and business use. They allow you to stay in touch with family, friends, and loved ones, or provide businesses with an additional line to connect with customers.

Here’s a quick guide to understanding and getting a swedish SIM-less phone number from TrustCall:

Understanding SIM-less Phone Numbers:

  • A SIM-less phone number, also known as a virtual number, is not tied to a physical SIM card or a specific device.
  • SIM-less numbers are connected to the conventional telephony system and have the same capabilities and more.
  • Say goodbye to roaming – call rates follow you wherever you go.
  • SIM-less number is connected via the TrustCall app.
  • Your number is very easy to move between devices simply by activating the TrustCall app on the device want to use, your TrustCall number will follow.

Steps to Obtain Multiple Phone Numbers Without a SIM Card:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for the service, using your email address as identifier.
  3. You will be provided a Virtual number (your TrustCall number) as part of your account.
  4. Install the app “TrustCall” on your preferred device.
You are ready to make and accept calls on your new TrustCall number. Check out our great prices worldwide.

How Virtual Phone Numbers Work:

  • Virtual numbers route calls over the internet, allowing you to receive and make calls on any device with an internet connection.

Transferring Your Phone Number Without a SIM Card:

  • Currently TrustCall provide you with a number to be used as a compliment to any SIM-number you might have.

Exploring the Concept of a SIM-less Phone Number


A SIM-less phone number, also known as a virtual number, enables you to make and receive calls on various devices without the need for a physical SIM or e-SIM card. It serves as a modern alternative to traditional mobile numbers, eliminating the necessity of inserting a SIM card into your device.

The shift towards SIM-less numbers is gaining momentum among mobile device manufacturers, who are enhancing their devices to better support these numbers due to their heightened security and superior features. The absence of a requirement for cellular network connectivity is a key advantage of SIM-less numbers.

The advantages of utilizing a phone number without a SIM card are numerous, including:

  • Cost Efficiency: It is generally more economical compared to standard phone plans.
  • No Hardware Dependency: It operates independently of physical SIM cards and devices.
  • Lower International Calling Costs: It can significantly reduce the expenses of international calls and roaming.
  • Access to Advanced VoIP Features: It provides a range of sophisticated VoIP functionalities.
  • Ease of Acquisition: Obtaining multiple SIM-less numbers is straightforward, and they can be used on any device, anywhere, without geographical restrictions.
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