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TrustCall supercharge your existing mobile device with a new secure business number for internal, external and incoming calls.

Too many devices, numbers and SIM cards? TrustCall Can Help!

For example starting a new business is exciting, but juggling work and personal calls on one phone can be a nightmare. TrustCall offers a simple solution: a dedicated secure business number you and your business, without needing another phone or SIM card.

TrustCall goes beyond a simple second number. It’s a complete business phone system, seamlessly integrated with your existing phone. Download the TrustCall app and start making calls, accepting bussiness calls and enjoying a modern service designed to make your life easier:

  • Maintain Clear Boundaries: Keep your personal life private with a separate line for business calls.
  • Boost Efficiency: Manage all your communication in one place, eliminating the need to manage multiple phones.
  • Get in control and be secure: Keeping private and business communication separate is breeze while ensuring top security of calls with encrypted communication.

Ready to transform your work-life balance? Try TrustCall at least for a month and see the difference a dedicated business phone number can make!

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Private and Business numbers in same device
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Secure line for your Business needs

Is your business still chained by clunky fixed phones and expensive mobile solutions? Upgrade to the future with Secure Business Numbers from TrustCall!

Ready to take your business communication to the next level?

Try TrustCall for a month and see the difference a dedicated business phone number can make!

24/7 monitoring and support

Systems are monitored 24/7 and our techs keep systems secure.

Global reach

Be truly global with TrustCall. Wherever you go your number, prices and availablity is right there with you, no surprises.

Voice Call Continuity

Challenger Mobile offer automatic handover between IP networks ensuring you do not lose calls as you move between mobile and WiFi for example.

Private and Business while separated

TrustCall helps you keep private and business separated while structuring your communication.

Local and Secure Data

TrustCall make sure data is securily transfered in encrypted channels, while ensuring all data is safely stored and handled according to highest security standards and policies in Sweden and EU.

Launch Price

Best Price for a second number app in Sweden

Buy now and secure your TrustCall number at a great price. No contracts, so try it out risk-free for one or two months. If you don’t top up your balance, your number will simply expire at the end of the month.

TrustCall month

SEK 149
30 days
  1. Swedish fixed line number
  2. Free TrustCall to TrustCall calling
  3. SEK15 call balance included
  4. SEK149 monthly fee
30 days

TrustCall year

SEK 1499
365 days
  1. Swedish fixed or mobile number
  2. Free TrustCall to TrustCall calling
  3. SEK199 call balance included
16% discount

Discover How TrustCall Keeps Your Calls Safe

At TrustCall, we take security seriously. Our patented encryption technology ensures that all your calls and messages are safe from prying eyes. We use state-of-the-art algorithms to encrypt your data in transit and at rest, so you can be sure your conversations are private and secure. And unlike other secure calling apps, TrustCall doesn’t compromise on ease of use. With our intuitive interface and simple setup process, you can start making secure calls in just minutes.
New number, same device

Feeling Overwhelmed by Work Calls? Here's How a Second Number Can Save You (and More!)

Struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance? A second phone number can be your secret weapon! Here are some unexpected benefits you might not have considered:

  1. Disconnect After Dark: Running a business is rewarding, but after-hours calls can be a drag. With a separate number, you can leave work at work and enjoy your personal time without feeling pressured to answer.

  2. Caller ID Clarity: No more guessing games! Two phone numbers mean instant recognition of who’s calling – business or friend. Answer accordingly and keep your life organized.

  3. Privacy Protection: Your personal number is just that – personal! A dedicated business number keeps professional boundaries clear and your private life private.

  4. Data Breach Defense: Sharing your number online comes with risks. A business number shields your personal information from data breaches, keeping it safe and secure.

  5. Sell Smarter, Not Harder: Selling online? Ditch sharing your personal number. Use a second number to communicate with potential buyers on platforms like Craigslist or Etsy.

  6. Professional Website, Professional Image: Don’t put your personal cell number on your website! Use a business number for customer service inquiries and sales calls, maintaining a clear separation between work and personal life.

  7. Happy Employees, Happy Company: Managing a team? Offer them work phone lines that work on their existing phones. This keeps work calls separate, respects their personal time, and demonstrates your commitment to a healthy work-life balance for everyone.